Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What Do Billionaires Want?

Nice article in Slate on the Forbes's list of billionaires. Quite funny and sarcastic.

Some people automatically associate great wealth with evil, and they deserve the ridicule they get in Forbes and country-club bars everywhere. But the automatic association of great wealth with virtue is equally fatuous. It's probably true that most billionaires have acquired their wealth in ways that make life better for the rest of us. Among American billionaires, the top of the list is dominated by computers, Wal-Mart, and Mars bars: all mixed blessings, perhaps, but blessings nevertheless.

This capitalist being virtous part reminds me of a post titled, "Why Ayn Rand is an Idiot!", which is in the draft for long. Will write about it when I get some time.


km said...

Please, please please publish that post. Ayn Rand *was* an idiot but the people in college who took her word to be the gospel truth were bigger idi..i mean, very good friends :)

S said...

Yes we shall also await the Ayn Rand deconstruction. Overhyped, she yoda would say.
"She is like, totally cool man. You are such a loser to not like her. Did you even understand what her philosophy is?. And I only listen to Pink Floyd and known Tolkien backwards".

Alok said...

ROTFL man! :-)

And I thought I was in the minority!!

Guptavati said...

I third the request.

kuffir said...

no, you aren't in the minority alok.. i find the little printed inserts in packages of medicine to be of a higher level of literature than rand.

Alok said...


so true!!