Thursday, June 15, 2006

Susan Sontag on The Melancholy of Resistance

I was looking for some information on the Hungarian novelist Krasznahorkai and his book The Melancholy of Resistance (what a delightful title!) and came across this praise for the book from Susan Sontag:

"An inexorable, visionary book by the contemporary Hungarian master of apocalypse who inspires comparison with Gogol and Melville. Krasznahorkai's novel is both an anatomy of desolation, desolation at its most appalling, and a stirring manual of resistance to desolation - through inwardness."

I don't know if it is on the blurb of the book, but for me it is enough to convince of book's greatness !

Although after reading more about it, the book really looks a little too highbrow for me. As cheshire cat also informed in the comments to the previous post, Krasznahorkai doesn't believe in paragraphs and I also learned that the first sentence of the novel is one hundred seventy four words long!

A post on the book on Waggish blog and an article on the Bela Tarr movie adaptation in Sight and Sound

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