Friday, January 12, 2007


(Slightly) funny trailer of L'avventura. Makes it look like some sex film...

Also interesting to look at the screenplay of the movie. Few short dialogues flanked by long paragraphs describing the context exactly as it is in the movie!

Also this trailer of L'Eclisse.

Also an obituary of Carlo Ponti, the Italian film producer who died a few days back. He was responsible for Antonioni's two English language films Blow-up and The Passenger among many other iconic European films. Interesting that most of the obituaries had hardly anything to say except his relationship with Sophia Loren.


km said...

Bhaisaab, that screenplay link isn't going anywhere. Please fix it. I am curious to see what an Antonioni screenplay looks like.

Alok said...

fixed, thanks for pointing.

i don't know what the source is though. it looks like translation of the original but not sure.