Friday, March 09, 2007

Strange World

French trailer of Inland Empire. It is nicer and slightly longer than the official American version.

btw, this guardian blog is asking what it is about? I am going to see it again this weekend. Will take notes this time.


jyothsnay said...

yew..left a bad flavour in my mouth.didnt like it.I am going to watch one more film from Fassbinder.
umm, so u decided to take notes.I should make note of this, and need to appear n reappear time & again at this arcade.
something is being created by a mysterious head behind my slender wall!

Alok said...

which fassbinder film? I like mother kusters goes to heaven a lot too. the same old woman is in it. she died last year btw. sad! I also like bitter tears of petra von kant. I havent seen these in a long time. should check out again.