Thursday, August 09, 2007

50 Greatest Sex Scenes

Something that might be of interest to the readers of the blog: a list of 50 greatest sex scenes in films ever. Haven't browsed the entire list but it looks slightly hollywood-centric. But overall a good eclectic collection.

1. Don't Look Now (Dir: Nicholas Roeg, 1973)
2. A History of Violence (Dir: David Cronenberg, 2005)
3. Mulholland Dr. (Dir: David Lynch, 2001)
4. Risky Business (Dir: Paul Brickman, 1983)
5. The Unbearable Lightness of Being (Dir: Philip Kaufmann, 1988)

Haven't seen number 4 and 5 yet but my favourite of all is number three -- good sapphic sex (actually it is quite tame) followed by a trip to club silencio. I am also glad to see the wonderful little film Secretary being recognized. It is at number 8.


Preyanka said...

Interesting list. The History of Violence was a pretty crappy movie, but that sex scene was, well, some sex scene. :)

Alok said...

crappy? hmm. I didn't like it that much either but definitely better than crappy :)

jyothsnay said...

ah "the passions ridged act between the legs" or "the passions triggered between the ears",

the dual continues, with the latter being the rendition nurtured by women, while the former being the domain of men. I resisted to suppress a scream of disenchantment over the complex situation perched on the third spot. I do agree with you it was a tame act, but passions? come on, it was a blither. Glad to see one of my all-seasons favourite roller-steaming away the rest of them, i.e. Don't look now!
n struggled with a strong bout of disenchantment when I did not find Pianiste, La by Haneke amongst the top-roll (the dark chambers of seduction)
thank you for sharing this with us, i like the quick write-up for each human act of intimacy laced with rich n complex humanoid emotions

Alok said...

wow, where did you see "seduction" in Piano Teacher? for me Watching It was like pouring a bucket of ice cold water...

you may want to renew the memory of mulholland dr by checking out this video.

jyothsnay said...

haha...Mr Zembla

you are the one who introduced me to Mr Haneke! n as expected you are selling me that the celebration of femininity by slender fingers and quivering pairs of lips..naha, I am the antagonist who destroyed that initial surge of revolution - the smirk!
moving to Ms Isabelle Huppert: my lady :)