Wednesday, September 12, 2007

DDLJ in German

This is a really wonderful German dubbing of DDLJ. They have not only matched the lip movements but also the voices and everything else in fact (can't say anything about the exact German though). The whole film is available on youtube. I am copying the one which contains my favourite scene from the film. It starts around after seven minutes in the video, specially where he says, "nein, Ich werde nicht kommen"

The full song is here.


blackmamba said...

Alok, Yes, it is excellent. My personal fav. has been KHNH.

Check this out.

blackmamba said...

oops! meant to link this.

Alok said...

wow, they have done the overlapping dialogues really well too. nice tools for german lessons I think!

jyothsnay said...

wonderful...Mr Zembla
what a kick-start! Learning languages has never been so much fun. In fact, I learnt a bit of German, a bit of French, a bit of XYZ alien languages through movies
However, both the clips that you & one of your commentator, according to me, failed to capture the essence of the moment/situation.they sound like mere rendition of words exchanged between two humans, Adam n Eve...

Alok said...

hmmm i thought they mixed it rather well with shahrukh khan's hamming and hawing.