Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sight & Sound Top 10

Sight & Sound's year end best film poll is available online. Also, pdf file which has a list of individual choices by different critics. I have seen only three - Inland Empire, which I saw two times last year, The Lives of Others which was excellent and Eastern Promises which I didn't like at all, despite a jaw-droppingly unbelievable fight scene. I haven't been able to keep up with the current releases this year but easily the best of the lot was Pan's Labyrinth, which is technically last year's film.

Speaking of Lynch, a couple of recent articles about Eraserhead in New York Sun and New York Times.


Madhuri said...

I hardly spent any time on watching this year's movies as I was busy catching up with all the movies I have never watched. But amongst this year's movies, I think I really liked the Lives of Others & The Illusionist. I think I will have a much harder time picking up the best of what I saw this year.

Alok said...

Same with me, busier catching up with film history. I liked the Illusionist as well. Edward Norton is a very good actor - he was great in the Painted Veil too which came only a few months after The Illusionist but didn't get as much attention as it deserved.

Madhuri said...

I hadn't particularly liked Maugham's Painted Veil - or at least liked it far less than his other works.It seems incredibly like Out of Africa - is it similar also in treatment?

Alok said...

Oh, you have read Maugham's novel!

I wanted to read it too after watching the film. I was very impressed with the story and was fascinated by the two characters. Both the actors are fantastic so that might be one reason why it works so well. The film also has an interesting flashback structure that further makes the story more involving and surprising.