Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Bookforum

New Bookforum issue is online.

Some review-essays of interest: an article on Knut Hamsun, whose novel Hunger is a huge personal favourite (as perhaps I have mentioned many times before on the blog).

An extract from Roberto Bolano's forthcoming book Nazi Literature in the Americas.

And a short review of the praise of melancholy book I had mentioned a few days back. The review in New York Sun is more straightforward. Looks like the author is against morons rather than all around happiness...hmmm.


tom said...

been meaning to recommend to you my favorite Stanislaw Lem book - 'A Perfect Vacuum' - a collection of book reviews of non-existent books.

And I so much want to like Roberto Bolano's works - since he's liked by so many of the people whose judgment I respect, such as yourself - but every time I read something of his I find myself bored and disappointed! Oh well. It's not him, it's me :}

KUBLA KHAN said...

This is one i was waiting for, alongwith 2666.
btw, have started reading Duras.

Andrew K said...

In response to the natural question in the essay of Hamsun's siding with the Nazis, it becomes rather more comprehensible, when now we have the most obvious march of a smilar movement of aggressive wars, secret prisons, abandonment of habeus corpus, torture, supremacist philosophies, and the decent people of today barely notice it. Or like figures such as M Amis, add ideological fuel to the fire.
Today's fascists aren't a little but fascist, or diluted versions. If time moves on in the direction they are propelling it, a later time will be asking the same questions of today's admuittedly far lesser figures than Hamsun, as are asked of him.

Alok said...

completely agree andrew. that's a very revealing parallel that you have drawn.

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