Sunday, April 06, 2008

George Steiner Interview

A fantastic interview of George Steiner, who surprisingly not only seems quite upbeat but is also very accessible in what he says. Very different to the image of a mandarin given to gloomy pronouncements about the modern world that I had in my mind after reading a few bits and pieces from here and there. Though the part where he lists his lecture topics made me laugh a little.

There is part one on the same site too in which he talks about his personal life. Link via comment on This Space.


Roxana Ghita said...

Thank you for this, it's interesting stuff. Do you know this review of "My unwritten books"? made me laugh :-),,332118170-110738,00.html

Roxana Ghita said...
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Anonymous said...

What is the poster behind Steiner's shoulder of?? What a weird image.

Alok said...

roxana: hi, and thanks for the link. Just had a good laugh reading it. Being a bookworm isn't so hopeless then.. but then for an *average* bookworm it is :)

anonymous: oh yes, I hadn't noticed it before. Agree it is quite weird... May be some Japanese stuff. I have no clue..