Friday, June 06, 2008

List - Hitchcock Top 10

1. Shadow of a Doubt
2. Vertigo
3. Notorious
4. Psycho
5. Marnie
6. Rear Window
7. The Wrong Man
8. Suspicion
9. Rope
10. Strangers on a Train

Somewhat conventional I know, except for may be the first one for which I feel a sort of personal attachment.


km said...

Interesting choice of #1.

#10 would be my #1.
#6 would be my #2. Followed by Notorious and Suspicion.

NBNW would definitely be in #5.

puccinio said...

Hey it's your list. Mine would be...

2]Rear Window.
3]North by Northwest.
4]The Wrong Man.
7]Shadow of a Doubt
8]Strangers on a Train.
10]The Birds.

That's conventional as well. But then with someone who makes as many pop masterpieces as Hitchcock did it's par for the course.

Falstaff said...

It's interesting how Hitchcock manages to be so many things to so many people, isn't it.

I would leave out at least half of this list - I actively dislike Marnie and Suspicion and am only tepidly fond of Notorious, Rope and The Wrong Man. But then I've always been much fonder of the British Hitchcock than of the American one.

My top ten list - in no particular order - would be: The Lady Vanishes, The Man Who Knew Too Much (the 1934 version), Vertigo, Psycho, To Catch a Thief, Rear Window, North by North West, Shadow of a Doubt, Saboteur and, ideally, a combination of 39 Steps, Young and Innocent, Sabotage and Foreign Correspondent - all of which are a bit like Shakespeare's comedies in that they're delightful but can be difficult to keep apart in one's head.

Marissa said...

I don't know how conventional your list is--I enjoy "Suspicion" but lots of people hate it because of the pasted-on happy ending, and people never tend to mention "The Wrong Man."

My top 5 Hitchcock is probably this:
1. Vertigo
2. Notorious
3. Rear Window
4. Strangers on a Train
5. North by Northwest