Sunday, August 03, 2008

French Crime Wave

Film Forum has put together a terrific looking retrospective of classic French crime films. Their web page as usual is worth bookmarking. New York Times has a brief article about it. Also another one in village voice.

I have seen most of the famous ones. Two films I would really love to see on big screen are Eyes Without a Face and Wages of Fear. In homeviewing one doesn't get the feeling of being chained to the seats which is absolutely essential to experience these two.


puccinio said...

Don't miss it. I'll only be able to see say ten of those if I do make it.

The Jacques Becker films seem to be rare and you hardly get to see him on the big screen so don't miss him. J-P Melville too.

I wish however that they included Renoir's ''La Nuit du Carrefour'', it's based on a Georges Simenon book, a central figure in French Crime genre and it's the rarest of Renoirs. I myself have never seen it.

roke said...

clouzot. becker. melville. belmondo. and the sweltering hot coiling of those beautiful creatures of la piscine!

Alok said...

Puccinio: Some of Becker films are available on DVD. I think I have only seen Casque d'Or...wonderful story of doomed love. There are some very beautiful dance sequences and simone signoret is both very maternal and very sexy, in the way only she could be... I need to see some of her other works.

About Renoir I think for some reason they chose to highlight films made in the last 60 years... His La Bete Humaine is also beautiful, much more famous though.

roke: I need to see la piscine and some of those other popular films of Alain Delon. They could have included the Le Samourai too...