Friday, January 02, 2009

Bigger Than Life

This is another film on my to-see list - Nicholas Ray's Bigger than Life (or "Delirium of Madness" as the Spanish poster has it). Martin Scorsese heaps a lot of praise on this film in his documentary on the history of American cinema. Film Forum is screening it this week and they have put up a nice page full of quotes and links about the film, including one to the original new yorker article which inspired the story. Hope it gets available on the dvd soon.

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puccinio said...

''Bigger Than Life'' is a genuinely great, disturbing film about middle-class life. It's something else. Anyone who says that the 50s wasa time where Hollywood became conformist need only see that film so that they can shut their faces. It's way better than any of the recent films dealing with the same subject like Sam Mendes' films.

Jean-Luc Godard said it was one of the ten greatest films since the beginning of sound and he's damn right. Truffaut also loved it. Definitely don't miss it. Especially on the big screen.

It's got a superb performance from James Mason(who produced the film), a great score from David "Laura" Raksin, and a terrific soundtrack and above all gorgeous use of color. Don't miss it.