Monday, May 15, 2006

From Enduring Love

Within twenty minutes I had drifted into the desired state, the high-walled infinite prison of directed thought. It doesn't always happen to me, and I was grateful that night. I didn't have to defend myself against the usual flotsam, the scraps of recent memory, the takens of things-not-done, or ghostly wrecks of sexual longing. My beach was clean.

I am off to work now and my goal for today is to spend at least one hour in this state, free from regrets of the past, free from the fears and anxieties for the future, floating weightlessly in the constant present. And I love that phrase, "ghostly wrecks of sexual longing"... so no leering at pretty women in office too! :)


km said...

And what if one's regrets and fears disappear ONLY by leering at the pretty women in the office?

Don't knock unconventional approaches to Bodhisattva is all I am saying :)

So are you back in the States?

Alok said...

I was thinking if the source of my confusion in life was sex (or the lack of it) hehehe :)

btw, I am in india. there are pretty women here too. :)