Friday, May 12, 2006

Simply to See

The British philosopher John Gray ends his book Straw Dogs with this line:

Other animals do not need a purpose in life. A contradiction to itself, the human animal can not do without one. Can we not think of the aim of life as being simply to see?

I don't want purpose in life. I don't even want peace. But just one thing -- can life be a little less confusing? Can someone tell me how things really work here, in this world?


Zero said...

"Things" don't "really work" in here. "Things" are just things. They have no other meaning, and none whatsoever related to "working", for sure.
Things probably are meant to be simply seen, as one Mr. John Gray observed.

Congrats on completing a year :).

Alok said...

thanks Zero! You are really true to your name. :)

I still think that "to see" implcitly includes "to understand". that's where my problem begins.

ventilatorblues said...

I would interpret "to see" as to see the inner world. If you are able to do this, then you will perhaps realize that the "problems" are not on the outside, but on the inside. It is not the external world that is confusing, it is your internal world - the world inside your mind - that is restless and unsettled. Hence confused.

Also, if you want to crack the code, you have to make intelligent choices about what to expose your senses to. Every film you watch, every book you read, every piece of music you listen to - EVERY SENSORY EXPERIENCE - leaves an impression on your mind and body. These impressions are both mental (ideas/memories) and physical (nervous tension and muscular contractions). Over time, what these impressions add up to is NOISE. If you want to truly SEE, you have to silence the noise, and watching more films, reading more books, etc. aint gonna get you there.

Sorry for the ramble and what may seem like unpleasant advice. But I felt a deep call for some answers, so I didnt hold back.

Alok said...

thanks V for that thoughtful comment. I understand what you are saying.

But I want to live with a complete scientific detachment, with absolutely well defined and in-control inner life. Perhaps it is not possible, at least not always. :)

Zero said...

Much as I claim otherwise, I think I am guilty of the "understanding" act (but while doing so I call it the stupidest act :p) too.
But I strive hard, real hard, to live upto my name!

Qais said...

"Can someone tell me how things really work here, in this world?"

I am afraid my friend that nobody will be able to give you answer. If somebody is claiming to be giving full answer, he will be a quack.

Literaure esp post modern one thought initially that it will answer this question in its entirety but now seems to be leaving its pretence.

I am afraid that you will have to live with the same confusion if you choose to acknowledge it.

Alok said...

thanks Qais. If there are no answers as you claim that must be some consolation then!