Thursday, August 03, 2006

Avant-Garde Blog-A-Thon

Girish (scroll down to the end of the post for links) is organizing a blog carnival of people celebrating avant-garde films. I have hardly heard of anything, let alone having seen them. Plenty of new names to add to the to-look-out-for list, specially these days when I feel bored with all kinds of three act dramas. I really want to see more non-representational, non-narrative and experimental movies.

One of the more "mainstream" films I found on the list, and the one which is a personal favourite, was The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie on the Culture Space blog.

I had written about a few experimental movies on my blog too. The best among them was perhaps The Asthenic Syndrome by Kira Muratova. The link is on the side bar but a far better article can be found here. Muratova's other movies Chekhov's Motifs and Three Stories had avant-garde elements too and so had the early movies of Michael Haneke, some of which I have also written about before. Then there was this weird and brilliant Conspirators of Pleasure by the Czech animator and puppeteer Jan Svankmajer. Will try to write about some of his other movies in future. Then there was this Marat/Sade but that was actually avant-garde theatre rather than cinema.

btw, I am in the US now. It is a small place called Stamford in Connecticut not very far from New York. Life is a little hectic and will remain so for at least a couple of more weeks. Obsessive movie watching and other solitary hobbies should resume thereafter.

And why is it so hot here? I feel as if I am back in Patna!


girish said...

Ah, you're from Patna?
From Madras myself, though I grew up all over (Jaipur, Calcutta, etc).
Glad you're enjoying the blog-a-thon.

km said...

Great link, Alok. And welcome to "New Patna" :)

BTW, I am only a short drive/train ride away from NYC. We should meet up one of these weekends.

Alok said...

girish: great to see you here! Well, the blog-a-thon was fantastic. very "educational". thanks for organizing it :)

km: will definitely do it sometime. Let me settle down first :)

girish said...

I'm glad to have discovered your blog, Alok. I've subscribed to your RSS feed and look forward to keeping up with your writings!

Alok said...

Thanks Girish and I am a great fan of your blog too. Both the posts and the comment section of your blog. I have learnt a lot from them and I haven't yet looked up in the archives.

My posts, or "writings" as you call them, are very amateurish... they are more often crude and second-hand. Hope your expectation are not too high :))