Saturday, October 28, 2006

Quiz Time and Thank You!!

Guess, who of the two is the author of the blog? (Who of the two is gloomier? )

By the way, the last post was 300th on the blog. So a quick note to thank you all for coming here. I hope your clicks were worth your time. I had never thought I would continue to blog for so long. It has been a great experience and thanks to Anurag again without whose proddings I would never have started blogging! And apologies to M. Proust for using his name as my internet URL. What an effrontery and a blasphemy! I assure you all Proust fans, it was a completely thoughtless decision.


jyothsnay said...

Good morning Alok

Congratulations for reaching that milestone!

...I watch his face fading
lazily into the curling wisps
of smoke,
I watch him filling his lungs
with a drag of that last cigarette
I watch his lips twisting into
a handsome corner where kisses live
I boarded the train at some unknown station,as it carried
a faint smell of forgotten flowers
and yellowing notes I usually
carry in my fragile breast...
quivering my feet carried me to a corner where the journey
lulled me into a pleasant and refreshing sleep, with many an
inviting interludes....*my piece!

thank you very much for being so focussed in your writing with a touch of's been a great journey for me, one more traveller!

#who could be the blogger...
his face looks gloomy
but it does not shy away from the world
he has this inexplicable smile on his lips
look how he kisses the world with his looks...


Madhur said...

i really like your commitment towards yr blog, i still treat mine like a whore, but seriously you have the saddest eyes my friend, you are doomed :)

Alok said...

jyothsna: thanks a lot! I am generally immune to flattery, at least I try to be :)

madhur: really? :) in a way, aren't we all doomed?

jyothsnay said...

Helen Rowland says....
A woman's flattery may inflate a man's head a little; but her criticism goes straight to his heart, and contracts it so that it can never again hold quite as much love for her...
Donot swallow flattery, but just inhale it as it is cologne water...

but the critical question I want to bring forth...."have I done that damage" pragmatic little head nods back at me, but not affirmatively!

Alok said...

hmmm this helen rowland girl seems to have something there, though never heard of her name before.

Cheshire Cat said...

Love the variety here: keep going! Next target: 3000

scarecrow said...

Yeah, the clicks were indeed worthwhile..
keep the dispatches comin..

anurag said...

Congrats. I really find your blog very informative and at times quite high-brow ;). As far as those proddings are concerned, they were all very selfish, so that I can read what you think :)
Keep posting!

Satish said...

alok, since when u start wearing chasma.

Alok said...

cat: 3000? another ten years? :)

scarecrow: thanks!

anurag: high-brow? thanks a lot. thats the word i like hearing most. you should add pretentious too :)

bhaya: errr, this is only for people who don't know me!