Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"paradoxical romantic axiom"

"The director gives his main actors very little to do. Since their job is to embody a paradoxical romantic axiom — lovers may die, but love never does — they are trapped within a narrow range of emotions. Ms. Weisz’s role is to glow and sigh, while Mr. Jackman registers various forms of anguish and desperation. The intensity of their feeling never breaks the surface, and the frame encases them like a vitrine. It’s hard to sympathize with their hunger to overcome death, since neither one is credibly alive to begin with."

--from the new york times review of The Fountain, the new film by Darren Aronofosky.

Also, I generally never look at the so-called "health" section of newspapers, but this article from NYT made some sense.


scarecrow said...

...they are trapped within a narrow range of emotions....

is it really getting trapped or isn't relying on the premises of foundation of some character?

i guess its abt exploring and taking fwd the idiosynraties of the characters, just as he did in "Requiem of a Dream". The meathod of taking fwd in "Requiem of a Dream" was obsession and here it might be eternal return..

Alok said...

Yes that could be true too. Obsession and drug addiction can lead to that state of emotional atrophy, as he showed in requiem for a dream... not sure about this film though, haven't seen it.