Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Thomas Bernhard Interview

An inspiring interview of Thomas Bernhard. Really worth reading even if you are not familiar with his work.

Another article also gives a good introduction to his life and works. It also mentions the name of the "Lebensmensch" ("life-person") who he talks of in his interview. It doesn't give any more details about the relationship though. Sadly not much information about his personal life is available on the internet. Looks like I will have to get a copy of his autobiography soon. The article also points to a review of his letters and private papers in TLS but I don't think I will be able to locate it here.

Which takes me to another interesting thing. Bernhard has written an autobiography called "Gathering Evidence." And Nabokov's autobiography Speak, Memory, a masterpiece and one of my all time favourite books by the way, was first published with the title "Conclusive Evidence." These both writers were trying to find and present evidences of their existence. I find it very interesting...


jyothsnay said...


oh those fallible wisps
I met at your porch,were
drenched fully; perhaps, they
sailed along with the breeze, stayed behind the tree, quivering with the morning mist....
I felt the matured swig of chill
when I touched their hands...
but never thought that I would
meet him again who stared at life
with undiminished fervor....

He stood near the fence like a breathing monument
seemed in charge of the robes that fail him often,
so much cheated by the world that never hugged him,
the little familiar world he longed to be part of,
had been a thing of dark imaginations, he continued
his search for words, the only escapades,
he fell in love with time and again
*copyright-Swirls from Jyo

thank you very much for this brilliant compilation.when I am blogging the Voice Imitator, I would link this article of yours....J

jyothsnay said...

I demand...

how can one leave Thomas Bernhard unattended?

little champ for Bernhard

Alok said...

don't irritate him too much. he will get really pissed off. he doesn't care what people say of him :)

actually i didnt understand your poem...

jyothsnay said...

indeed discouraging!

my fingers drafted
a sketch
of his contemplation
stretched on the bare
white snow to the horizon

Alok said...

okay okay, now I get it.

dont be discouraged!