Thursday, December 28, 2006

More Best Movies List

Another comprehensive year-end poll.

I am surprised by all the praise Borat has got. After managing to avoid it for long I saw it last Sunday and was extremely irritated by it. With the kind of praise and news coverage it has received one would feel that it is some kind of A Modest Proposal of our times whereas it is anything but. It is juvenile, shallow and pointless. Avoid it if you haven't seen it already.

If you need some laughs and are near the New York area there is no better place to visit this whole month than this.


km said...

Well, after Dec 31/Jan 1, they play the "serious" Woody films :)

Alok said...

are you one of those in Stardust Memories who only like the "ealy funny ones"? :)

Szerelem said...

bHmmm I didn't want to comment on this till I saw Borat. So I watched it yesterday and it was disappointing. I don't get all the praise it has got. *shrugs*

Alok said...

yes, all that tastelessness and offensive humour and all that for what purpose? make fun of such easy targets. it felt completely pointless to me.