Friday, April 20, 2007

Fassbinder Essay and Cannes Line-up

Fassbinder is on the cover of the latest Times Literary Supplement. Inside there is an essay on his literary writings.

Link via Greencine which also has the lineup for the coming Cannes film festival here. Quite a few familiar names there, including the latest by the director of The Return which I mentioned a couple of posts back and also Bela Tarr's new film, The Man from London.


nico said...

How great this Fassbinder synchronization! Just yesterday I saw again 'Ali', what a great movie, so subtle in depicting the little details and the progressive process of discrimination in society, the banality and segregation. I love that movie, and that actress!!! Incredible! Fassbinder is so versatile, his movies stretch amazingly, don't you think?

Alok said...

Yes he is really one of the greats. Mother Kusters goes to heaven is another of my favourites. The same actress is in it too. Wonderful film.

Shripriya said...

Thanks for this link to Fassbinder. The Pompidou Centre in Paris had an exhibit on him when I visited - fascinating stuff.

jyothsnay said...

How on mother loam I felt this brain wave n that surge to visit your space...wondered, pondered and I know the trigger, my new-found master Fassbinder...can I link this to my post on Fassbinder?
now i am through with 10 classics from this man...n decided to put up Fassbinder's film festival ...n invariably you would be linked to my strings....

nico said...

ALOK, watched Mother goes to heaven yesterday!! What an incredible movie, and that actress, my God!!! What about the depiction of the communists??? Thanks for the recommendation,

William said...

A strange melancholy pervades me to which I hesitate to give the grave and beautiful name of sorrow. The idea of sorrow has always appealed to me, but now I am almost ashamed of its complete egoism. I have known boredom, regret, and occasionally remorse, but never sorrow. Today, it envelops me like a silken web, enervating and soft, and sets me apart from everybody else.

~Françoise Sagan

Alok said...

sorry, was late in replying.

jyothsna: cool, I am glad to see you are exploring his works. Haven't seen many of his films myself yet. he is definitely one of my favourites too.

shripriya: fassbinder retrospectives are quite common actually. In fact I saw most of his films when I was in Bangalore at the Max Muller Bhava (cultural centre of the german embassy in India)

nico: fassbinder was himself a man of the left and his analysis of the establishment left is absolutely withering. also interesing when you compare the two different endings of the film. it is one of my favourites.

william: that was a great quote, thanks!