Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sarah Bernhardt

New York Review of Books has an scholarly article (just count the number of books referenced for the essay) on french actress Sarah Bernhardt.

Among her many fans was Marcel Proust who based the character of Berma in his novel on her. There is a maddening analysis on the art of acting (and theatre) in the second volume.


Aishwarya said...

I have just found something vaguely relevant to a conversation you and I had a long time ago!


Alok said...

Just read it, it is very interesting. thanks for sending the link. I was in fact still thinking about these things... will try to write a post soon.

antonia said...

you know alok, this is completely off topic, but I just couldn't resist: I have a metal pencilcase with little Sarah Bernhardt pictures on it :) it is pretty and I have it since quite a loing time. Maybe I put a photo in my blog one day.
But apart from that she's a fascinating personality of whom I need to find out more myself as well.