Sunday, November 11, 2007

Knut Hamsun Review

In New York Sun a review of a new translation of Knut Hamsun's novel Growth of the Soil. I have only read his Hunger which is one of my all time favourite books. The title of the review is nice - "A Norwegian Dostoyevsky, Gone to Seed." Quite appropriate actually. Hunger mostly reads like a more abstracted and concentrated version of the initial sections of Crime and Punishment. It is harrowing, but also funny and beautifully written.

A more detailed review by James Wood here.


Andrew K said...

I recommend Mysteries very highly, his later work is very different than the early, and for me well worth reading, but much less vital. "Pan" from the early period is also excellent.

Alok said...

I never got around to reading his other books after reading Hunger which I absolutely loved. Will get to Mysteries and Pan sometime soon. Thanks for the recommendation.