Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Asia Argento Profile

The latest village voice has an adulatory profile of Asia Argento. If you don't know who she is, this NYT article from last year by Dennis Lim has more information, including the correct pronunciation of her name.

If it is male sex object that's your thing then you probably need to read this in NYT about Louis Garrel. Also, here is a trailer of his latest film Love Songs. I love that line when the girl says, "I am into threesomes, Mom" lol.


Kubla Khan said...

A dear friend has recommended the english translation of an indian poet.
are you aware of Gajanand mukti bodh?( hope got the spelling right)
he said reading him is like reading Pasolini on broken glass, not paper.

your usual writing is missed.

Alok said...

hi kubla, sorry been a little out of sorts lately...

The correct spelling and full name is Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh though he is more well known as just "Muktibodh"

I don't know if good translations are available but he is very highly regarded and a very important figure in modernist/experimental hindi poetry. Two of his most famous (and very long) poems are Andhere Mein (In the Dark) and Chand ka Munh Tedha Hai (Moon's face is crooked). I did read a collection of his selected poems but really couldn't appreciate all of it. The common running theme or mood is that of angst, individual isolation, a quiet rage and anger and a revolutionary temperament...