Friday, March 14, 2008


Looks really good - a top 10 list of books about boredom in the Guardian. It is one of my favourite subjects as well. I have read only two on the list - The Book of Disquiet and Hunger. Hamsun's book is not really about boredom though it has some passages about this spiritual state. I can also understand the inclusion of Moravia and Houellebecq. Having read a couple of books by each, but neither of the two on the list, it is clear to me that they are both authorities on the subject.

I would probably have included Kierkegaard's Either/Or which talks about Boredom in detail and also some representative work from nineteenth century Russian literature, specially those about the "superfluous men", like Oblomov or Eugene Onegin or few of those love stories by Turgenev. Now I am off hunting for some of those books on the list above.

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Anirudh said...

It is only after I'd finished the book that I could chuckle about how Goncharov's very careful, deliberately dull tracing of Oblomov's laziness lead to the overall effect. I don't know if it was Goncharov's intention but while reading it, I think I napped as much as Oblomov. :)