Friday, June 29, 2007

Black Mass

A very good review of John Gray's new book Black Mass:

Everything is getting worse, we are doomed and the only good news is that it scarcely matters because humanity is not worth saving anyway. John Gray's new book Black Mass is not cheery, and one might wonder how a work so deeply rooted in British conservative philosophy could end so far from Disraeli's dream of a "Merry England". Black Mass is a critique of human pretensions and the analytical rubric that underpins it will be broadly familiar to anyone interested in political philosophy. Gray draws on the works of Hume and Hayek, Popper and Berlin, yet uses them as sledgehammers, even against his closest allies. The result is the darkest possible assessment of our current situation and our hopes for the future.


Madhuri said...

Gray seems to be one dark writer!

jyothsnay said...

John Gray is eccentric and his views throb feverishly against the rusty, cobwebs crammed thinking models constructed by fabricated information, where intuition (the conventional) takes a lead over intelligence (more contemporary a view), the latter is demanded or expected from world leaders, which invariably, is left under-utilised. I say, it's a brooding take on the worldly matters where conventional constructs still are followed more diligently than required...ah! reality, the factor pulls down a veil of darkness, I say, it's because of an ephemeral streak of realisation....
have u read "Straw dogs"?

Alok said...

madhuri: yes and he is funny too!

jyothsna: Yes I have read Straw Dogs. I don't agree with everything he says but I like his attitude very much. Extreme scepticism about everything. Hope and our need to believe in illusions are the main reason for lots of evil in this world.