Sunday, June 24, 2007

Rated NC-17

Online Dating

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:
* death (11x) * suicide (8x) * murder (5x) * sex (4x) * gay (3x) * hell (1x)

That's the worst rating possible, just in case!


Space Bar said...

you know what really pissed me off? mine was rated PG!!!

anurag said...

you know after this post your blog has become more NC-17, one more of Death, suicide, murder, sex, gay and hell :)

Mine is also PG. Let me write a post to ammend this :)

Alok said...

space bar: you need to put some salacious poetry perhaps, or at least some gloomy stuff about death and suicide :)

anurag: I think the count is not correct. I am sure I have written more on these things. Or may be it looks for some combinations.

yes do it, may be a gloomy post about bergman or fassbinder will do the trick.

Cheshire Cat said...

That's fucking awesome! (See, I'm helping you out here...)

And mine's rated G, despite one appearance of "hell". It's certainly pleasant to have the appearance of innocence.

Vidya said...

No Gloomy words/ Bergman doesn't cut it.Mine has words like necrophilia, fetish in one of the posts and my blog is still rated G.The trick to beat the rating system is to avoid simple words like sex,hell, gay and use complicated words that it does'nt understand and still pass off as PG-13.In mine it reported only an instance of the word abortion!!

Alok said...

this rating system seems unfair, perhaps just as all rating systems are! so don't lose heart :)

jyothsnay said...

haha...Congratulations Mr Zembla! am so proud of you as well as myself for having known an individual who entertains all the avoidable, grotesque yet inevitable terminations of a mortal existence

I let myself be evaluated too...I am sitting next to you, I guess! haha, I share the same laurels! was a bit hesitant to put my head under the axe, because of overwhelming presence of "breasts"...
whore (10x) dead (4x) corpse (2x) sex (1x)
can I spread this virus?will give an apt credit to you...:))))))

Anonymous said...

Oh, I was rated R (for no good reason, I might add).
Good that I found someone's blog rated NC-17! (My obvious hope was Nilu's, but he has deleted his posts.)

By the way, I don't think it's the count, rather it's the 'intensity' of the word, so to say.
Their order of 'intensity' is quite interesting, but as much absurd.

Alok said...

jyothsnay: whore? really? Hahhaha

zero: yes his blog should have been a nice example. I wonder how it measures the "intensity" though.