Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gunter Grass in New York

Fans of German novelist Gunter Grass (yeah, I know) can see and hear him speak in New York about his latest memoir Peeling the Onion which has just come out in English. Link via complete review, which also reports that the events are sold out! New Yorkers continue to surprise me with their cultural appetites. Be it the David Lynch premiere at the New York Film Festival, the seven hour screening of Satantango or the ten hour marathon play (yes ten hours!) The Coast of Utopia, if you are not alert enough, you will not get the tickets. Such a contrast to Chicago with its lonely and ghostly moviegoing experiences. (I remember going to the screening of the brilliant and eerie French film Innocence one extremely cold and shivery January evening and finding myself to be one among a total of three audiences in the theatre!)

Anyway, complete review has a useful page linking to various reviews of Grass's book. I don't think I will get down to reading it anytime soon. I actually wanted to read his last novel Crabwalk which I had started early last year but couldn't finish. I don't seem the remember the reason for it, only that it wasn't because it was boring or bad.

Also some video clips from The Coast of Utopia with snippets from cast interviews here and here.


Anonymous said...

hi alok
i tried emailing you but was unable to access your email id. found your piece on nirnal verma very interesting.
email me sometime.

Madhuri said...

Crabwalk is a very good book - though its pace is a little bit of a problem in the beginning which is why I had dropped it in the middle for sometime. But once you make it halfway through, it picks up speed and makes a very interesting reading.

Alok said...

joya: thank you for taking time to read it. the email address is alokranj@gmail.com

madhuri: will surely take it up soon. this is already on my to-read list. thanks!