Monday, July 17, 2006

Blue Velvet Links

I have been watching movies at a furious pace for the last more than a year. I think on an average it will almost be two-three movies every week. Almost all of them, the so-called "art movies" -- classics and contemporary, narrative or experimental, all kinds, even bollywood (Gangster was good, that was the last one). In that clogged movie going calendar of last year two events stand out very well. They were the anniversary screenings and big screen revivals of Charlers Laughton's The Night of the Hunter and David Lynch's Blue Velvet, which are easily two of the best American movies ever made (my opinion of course).

The Blue Velvet revival has now reached LA and the newspapers and magazines are reprinting their original reviews, essays and interviews about the movie. The all knowing and hard working folks at the green cine daily have collected lots of links in one page here. Really worth reading them all.

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