Friday, July 21, 2006

More Movies This Week

The collective chaos film society is organising a film festival of South East Asian films this weekend. It gets repeated over the next weekend too. Though I have already seen four out of seven planned, I am excited about watching them again. Specially 2046, one of the best and certainly the sexiest movie I saw the whole of last year and The River by Tsai Ming Liang which I have not seen before. I also quite liked this Thai movie Last Life in the Universe when I saw it last year, a rather "cute" take on suicide, loneliness and love! Will watch it again...

Link to the schedule. If you are in Bangalore, be there!


adhyayan said...

You have so many pointers to books, reviews of books and movies. I am sure it will be a great delight to get started on reading them..
and he is some writer..

Alok said...

hey thanks for visiting!!

and you have got a great name for yourself :)