Friday, July 14, 2006

From Other Movie Blogs

Girish has an excellent post on the usage of long takes in cinema.

It is surprising how the long take has become the single most differentiating stylistic device which separates commercial from the art-house movies these days. In fact it has become so mainstream that sometimes it almost feels like a cliche. The last time I felt this was while watching Ulysses's Gaze by Theo Angelopoulous. But yes, I agree, at least theoretically, long takes are far more scrupulous in artistic and moral sense as compared to functional cutting, in the sense that the long take allows the image to do the talking rather than the director or the editor forcing his own meaning on the image. Thus making it more faithful to reality which it seeks to capture.

Also filmbrain has some stills of the sublime Anna Karina from some obscure TV musical of hers. He has even uploaded a video! Also, did you know the North Korean dictator was also a film critic? Filmbrain has more details here.

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