Sunday, July 02, 2006

I Feel Sad...

...After reading Karan Johar's "director's note" (whatever that is) on his forthcoming film Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna. This is what he says:

"There are three kinds of married people in the world. First, whose marriages are arranged. I've never understood that, but I'm sure they know what they're doing. Then there are those who fall in love and marry their soul mates. These few, I believe, are the most fortunate people in the world. And lastly, there are those couples that marry for their parents, for money or play it safe and marry a friend. These are the most unfortunate ones in the world... and they don't even know it. Until one day, riding the fast train of life they run into their soul mate, and are faced with the hardest question of all. What do you do when you meet the love of your life and you're married to someone else? What do you do? What do you do?" - Karan Johar

I really liked the question marks towards the end and I am looking forward to watching the movie and finding out what happens in the film. And anyway, he has also promised this new film is quite "dark" and it is not "all about loving your parents" or "why love happens not once but twice in life."

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