Thursday, February 22, 2007

David Lynch in Cahiers du Cinema

Cahiers du Cinema, the world's most famous film journal, is now available in electronic format (I mean with simulation of print copy and everything and translated into English!) There are lots of goodies for David Lynch fans. If you are one of the heathens the essays and reviews might piss you off. They are a slightly over the top in their praise for his work. There is also an exhibition of David Lynch's paintings and graphic work currently on in Paris. There are images from that too.

Also lots of Lynch related links on this blog.

Also Girish has excerpted an article about the history of the Journal on his blog. There is a nice discussion in the comments section too.

Also I am planning to re-watch Inland Empire when it gets released into the neighbourhood theatre. (I just saw the posters, I don't know the dates.) This time I will try to take down some mental notes. Of course, if you are in New York you can trek down to the IFC Center where it is still going strong after three months since its release.

Update:Greencine Daily points to another magazine which has Lynch on its cover.

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