Monday, February 26, 2007

Filmgoing Notes

If you are a movie-lover and live in and around New York City there are busy weekends ahead for you. First the wonderful BAM cinemathek is holding a retrospective of films by Japanese director Shohei Imamura who died last year. Shamefully I haven't seen any of his films yet. I will definitely try to be there as and when it is possible.

Also, fans of Abbas Kiarostami should head over to the Museum of Modern Art which is organizing a complete exhibition of his works (first ever in the US), including his early didactic short films and recent video installations. I have already seen his major films, A Taste of Cherry, The Wind Will Carry Us, Close-up and Ten (the first and the last are my favourites, the two "car-movies") but will see if I can make it to some other movies that I have not seen.


Cheshire Cat said...

Thanks for the Kiarostami tip. One movie you should try not to miss is "Where is the Friend's House?".

As for Imamura, the only movie of his I've seen is "The Pornographers", but clearly he's extraordinary, and this is not just because of the distance he puts between himself and the traditional notion of "Japanese cinema" associated with directors like Mizoguchi and Ozu.

Alok said...

Will have to check which movies are playing on the weekends. Can't go on weekdays!