Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sitzfleisch Test

I'd love to be in Berlin...

"Other highlights include a remastered version of Rainer Werner Fassbinder's classic "Berlin Alexanderplatz," which will be shown in the east Berlin Volksbühne theater in all its 15-hour glory -- a test of any cinephile's Sitzfleisch. Fassbinder's adaptation of Alfred Döblin's classic novel was originally broadcast as a 14-part television series in 1980."
I am guessing Sitzfleisch is a German euphemism for a particular body part. Google translates it to "Seat Meat."

Update: Okay, it is not as racy as I thought. It means, "The ability to endure or carry on with an activity." From here. Nice Word!


Cheshire Cat said...

"Sitzfleisch" - check out,,2009626,00.html

Cheshire Cat said...

Ok, link -

Alok said...

hehe, I didn't know the guy who wrote showgirls and basic instinct knew such words!!

and next time my boss complains, I am going to answer him, "I don't have the necessary sitzfleisch to this work" :)