Monday, February 04, 2008

Vienna Blogs

Lots of interesting discussions about Hofmannsthal and Musil over at the Vienna 1900 blog.

I wish more academic departments would follow the same model.


Anonymous said...

yes, interesting to see new thoughts on the matters there... on the aspect of copying, well, lines can just be googled, and if copied, they'd show up. also, a good teacher knows the sources which may be copied from; that's in fact how I found your fascinating blog to begin with, by blog searching Musil. life is change... that one thing by itself is not so bothersome, but combined with many other things, it is. And all said and done, I'm glad that there is more discussion on the material. J.

Alok said...

The copying thing was mentioned in jest. Probably a new blog for a new term would have been the best but still I am glad there are lots of things to read and think about there.